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A Lynx Solar Air Source Heat Pump could save you £100’s a year on your heating bill by efficiently extracting energy out of the environment and channelling it into your home!

How does an Air Source Heat Pump work?

In essence, an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) uses similar technology to a Fridge or Freezer, but in reverse.

ASHPs draw air in over a condenser (similar to a car radiator) containing a refrigerant gas which absorbs heat energy from the ambient air temperature. This is then passed through a compressor which increases the pressure and hence temperature of the gas. The heated gas is pushed through one side of a heat exchanger and passes the heat on to your cold water on the other side of th heat exchanger. The heat is exchanged into the cold water, heating it, and the gas returns to complete the cycle and the process begins again. This process continues until the pre-set temperature is reached.

The benefit of an ASHP is that you will obtain around 4 times the energy out, as the energy put in – this factor is known as the Co-efficiency of Performance (COP).  Therefore the COP in the above case would be 4, meaning that for every 10 units of electricity used to power the ASHP you would gain the equivalent of 40 units of energy/heat out.

These systems are used to efficiently provide central heating and hot water. In addition, one of the best uses for an ASHP is to power an under floor heating system.

As with all good quality renewable energy installations the emphasis is on creating a great return on investment by reducing energy costs for the consumer, but as ASHPs also qualify for the RHI, there is also a government backed subsidy to further increase the financial profile of having an ASHP as an investment. All this added up makes ASHP technology a great investment!

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