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Lynx Solar install Photovoltaic (PV) systems that allow you to harvest energy direct from the sun’s rays to produce clean electricity for use in your home or business. During daylight hours the energy produced can be used to power the electrical goods within your home and any power that is not used will be automatically sent back to the national grid.

This technology has had many millions of £s spent on Research and Development to create cost effective and efficient PV panels – so much so that the manufacturers we use guarantee the output of their PV panels over 25 years.

This helps to ensure that Lynx Solar systems will work efficiently over the next 20 years and beyond, so your return on investment continues to grow.

How does a Lynx Solar PV system work?

Photovoltaic-panels are activated by radiation from the Sun, i.e. natural daylight. This means they do not need direct sunlight to generate electricity so will still work on a cloudy day.

Radiation falling onto the PV cells (which consist of two layers of semi-conducting silicon material) causes electrons to be excited resulting in an electrical charge of Direct Current (DC) power. This DC power is then supplied to an Inverter which converts the current from DC to Alternating Current (AC) so that it can be safely used in your home.

As an independent organisation, Lynx Solar are able to supply the correct panel type for your home or business, ensuring you make the most of the sun’s energy.

How can I be sure my home is suitable for Solar Power?

Location, location, location…

The key thing to consider when contemplating your installation is where to put it! The very best position for solar PV is a directly south facing roof, however substantial returns can still be obtained from roofs which don’t face directly south.

Which is why we always suggest a free survey so we can ascertain what sort of return on investment you could expect. Book your survey now…

How can I ensure the best return on my investment?

In order to gain the substantial incentives offered by the Government known as the Feed-in Tariff, your Solar PV system must be registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). MCS states that all equipment and products must be manufactured and installed to a very high standard and is regarded as a mark of the very highest quality and service.

Lynx Solar only supplies MCS compliant products and all installations are carried out by fully qualified and MCS accredited installers, ensuring that you are guaranteed to be eligible for the full benefit of the Feed-in Tariff.

We at Lynx Solar ensure a first class installation that will provide total satisfaction to each and every customer.

What is the Feed-in Tariff?

The Feed-in Tariff is a government backed scheme whereby your energy company will pay you for all of the electricity that your Lynx Solar PV system generates!

The scheme guarantees a payment for every kilowatt hour of electricity generated by the PV panels, regardless of your power consumption. The Feed-in Tariff payments are in addition to any surplus electricity that you export and sell back to the National grid and all of the savings you will make on your electricity bills.

The Feed-in Tariff, coupled with the exported electricity and savings made on your electricity bill, is all part of the excellent financial return that the Lynx Solar PV system provides. In addition, this is guaranteed by the government for 20 years, is Tax free and is linked to the RPI!

The result is a truly fantastic investment opportunity, so to find out how much you could make and save, Contact us now!

Are there any other considerations?

Planning Permissions:

Solar PV installations will in most cases now come under the Permitted Development Rights act, so planning is not normally required. There are a few exceptions, such as if the property is a listed building or is in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Lynx Solar are able to help with any planning queries you may have by speaking to your local planning office.

Energy Performance Certificate:

To qualify for the highest Feed-in Tariff, your home must have an Energy Performance Certificate with a rating of “D” or above. Lynx Solar can arrange for an EPC rating survey for your home. Contact us today and we will arrange your survey.

On-going maintenance:

As there are no moving parts within the Lynx Solar PV system, regular maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum. Having your PV panels cleaned is not a necessity, but will maximise the output of the system and is relatively inexpensive. Specialist cleaning contractors utilise long reach cleaning systems and Lynx Solar can direct you to a reputable firm in your area upon request.

Energy Cost Increases

It’s rarely out of the news that the Big 6 energy companies continue to dominate the energy market. Energy prices rise year on year and until recently there was not much we could do about it except to keep on paying the ever increasing bills.

However, since the Feed-in Tariff was introduced, thousands of home owners just like you are benefitting from lower bills by installing PV systems.

This is great news because even the Government minister Chris Huhne, former Energy secretary has stated:

“Moving to renewable energy, which is going to insure British consumers against the sort of world gas price increases that we have seen over the last year, that’s the sensible course of action.”


Installing a Lynx Solar PV system allows you to generate your own electricity and get paid a guaranteed income which is tax-free and index linked for 20 years.

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