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Solar thermal panels create hot water, what they are and how they work:

Solar thermal panels are certainly not new to the Western world, they have been used in domestic homes since the late 1800s. However, from very crude beginnings they have been developed into a sophisticated form of capturing and transporting the energy from daylight to help heat your home’s hot water supply.

The system we use is manufactured by the largest and most successful Solar Thermal Evacuated tube manufacturer in the world. The system installed by Lynx Solar uses both heat pipe and wick technologies. This enables us to provide a collector (the name given to the panels) which  can be installed either angled, horizontal or vertical onto your property.

Lynx Solar collectors are twin walled vacuum tubes which allow for the gathering and retention of the sun’s energy to be sent directly to the heat pipe or wick. This in turn will transport the energy to the heat conducting fluid which flows from a solar coil in your cylinder to the manifold and back, causing a heat exchange within your hot water cylinder.

On days when not enough energy can be captured by the collector (typically these are heavily overcast or raining), your boiler can take over and top up as required – the process is automatic and controlled through a computer within the system.


Over the course of the year, much of your hot water requirement can be achieved by installing Solar Thermal collectors, it is estimated that around 60% of domestic hot water can be heated by these means. In addition there is now in place the Renewable Heat Incentive which provides further savings making a Lynx Solar thermal system a very worthwhile investment.


As the only moving part within the system is the pump (similar to the pump in your central heating circuit), the Lynx Solar thermal system has a long expected life span and regular maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum. Panel cleaning is relatively inexpensive, if ever even required. Specialist cleaning contractors utilise long reach cleaning systems and Lynx Solar can direct you to a reputable firm in your area upon request.

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